Commit 28692cd6 authored by Britta Heymann's avatar Britta Heymann
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Fix bug in averaging delay qualities

Timepoints were not unified after all, leading to strange delay graphs
in some instances.

refs #731
parent d4b335b2
......@@ -187,10 +187,10 @@ def averageFiles(reportsDirectory, seeds):
delayDistributionAnalysis.parseDelayAnalysis(delayAnalysis, messageType="BROADCAST", messagePrio=5))
# Make sure all time points exist for all seeds
oneToOneDelayDistributions = unifyTimePoints(oneToOneDelayDistributions)
multicastDelayDistributions = unifyTimePoints(multicastDelayDistributions)
broadcastDeliveryNumbers = unifyTimePoints(broadcastDeliveryNumbers)
broadcastDelayDistributions = unifyTimePoints(broadcastDelayDistributions)
# Add missing values for delay distributions.
padByZeros(oneToOneDelayDistributions, [1])
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