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Fix instance info box

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<div class="my-3 p-3 bg-white rounded shadow-sm">
<h6 class="border-bottom border-gray pb-2 mb-0">Instance Info</h6>
<h6 class="border-bottom border-gray pb-2 mb-0">Info</h6>
<table class="table table-sm mb-0" style="table-layout: fixed">
<tr class="table-borderless">
<th scope="row" style="width: 250px">Instance Name</th>
<th scope="row" style="width: 250px">Name</th>
<td>{{ }}</td>
<th scope="row">Instance Description</th>
<th scope="row">Description</th>
<td>{{ instance.description }}</td>
<th scope="row">Instance Type</th>
<tr *ngIf="featureModel.type === expertModelTypeName()">
<th scope="row">Type</th>
<td>{{ instance.type }}</td>
<th scope="row">Feature Model</th>
}}<span *ngIf="featureModel.hasOwnProperty('version')">
({{ $any(featureModel).version }} )</span
<th scope="row">Feature Model Type</th>
? 'Canvas Building Block'
: 'Composed Model'
import { Component, Input } from '@angular/core';
import { FeatureModel } from '../../../canvas-meta-model/feature-model';
import { Instance } from '../../../canvas-meta-model/instance';
import { ExpertModel } from '../../../canvas-meta-model/expert-model';
selector: 'app-instance-info-box',
......@@ -10,4 +11,8 @@ import { Instance } from '../../../canvas-meta-model/instance';
export class InstanceInfoBoxComponent {
@Input() featureModel: FeatureModel;
@Input() instance: Instance;
expertModelTypeName(): string {
return ExpertModel.typeName;
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