Commit ff8f9388 authored by Dominik Schachten's avatar Dominik Schachten
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Change ipxe-reboot to ipxe-infect-bootstrap

parent 6dfe8f1e
......@@ -24,6 +24,8 @@ package:infect-bootstrap:
- ls -lah
- mkdir -p irb-infect-bootstrap/usr/local/share/ipxe/
- cp ipxe-{loader,reboot}.efi irb-infect-bootstrap/usr/local/share/ipxe/
# while in COVID-19 pandemic use auto-infect instead of reboot but name it reboot, so it 'just works' down the pipeline
- cp ipxe-auto-intect.efi irb-infect-bootstrap/usr/local/share/ipxe/ipxe-reboot.efi
- irb-package build deb ./irb-infect-bootstrap $(git describe --tags --always) "IRB Infect Loader Bootstrap"
name: packages
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