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Set .gitlab-ci.yml to enable or configure SAST

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# You can override the included template(s) by including variable overrides
# See
# Note that environment variables can be set in several places
# See
stages: stages:
- build - build
- package - package
- deploy - deploy
- test
# build job name used to retrieve artifact in irb-admin/package
build: build:
tags: tags:
- shared - shared
image: image:
stage: build stage: build
artifacts: artifacts:
expire_in: 1 hour expire_in: 1 hour
paths: paths:
- ./*.efi - "./*.efi"
script: script:
# ipxe has to be a full clone, shallow clone interferes with versioning - git clone git://
- git clone git:// - bash
- bash sast:
stage: test
- template: Security/SAST.gitlab-ci.yml
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