Commit 1c11373a authored by Dominik Schachten's avatar Dominik Schachten
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Update ipxe-menu/config.ipxe

parent b358e98f
colour --rgb 0x282828 0
colour --rgb 0x928374 8
colour --rgb 0xcc241d 1
colour --rgb 0xfb4934 9
colour --rgb 0x98971a 2
colour --rgb 0xb8bb26 10
colour --rgb 0xd79921 3
colour --rgb 0xfabd2f 11
colour --rgb 0x458588 4
colour --rgb 0x83a598 12
colour --rgb 0xb16286 5
colour --rgb 0xd3869b 13
colour --rgb 0x689d6a 6
colour --rgb 0x8ec07c 14
colour --rgb 0xa89984 7
colour --rgb 0xebdbb2 15
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dhcp && goto netUp
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