Commit 20be07a0 authored by Lukas Nagel's avatar Lukas Nagel
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more annotations for the graph

parent bcc06a34
......@@ -40,16 +40,22 @@
\node[expl, below left=0.3cm of presort]
(expl message) {commit Beschreibung};
\node[expl, above=0.3cm of \rootcommit, xshift=-0.8cm]
(expl root) {root commit};
\node[expl, above=0.3cm of \pepcommit, xshift=-0.8cm]
(expl commit) {commit};
\node[expl, above right=0.3cm of alice/master]
(expl remote) {remote branch};
\node[expl, above right=0.3cm of master]
(expl branch) {branch};
(expl branch) {local branch};
\node[expl, above right=0.3cm of \mergecommit]
(expl merge) {merge};
(expl merge) {merge commit};
\draw[expledge] (expl message) edge[in=180, out=90] (presort);
\draw[expledge] (expl commit) edge[in=135, out=270] (\pepcommit);
\draw[expledge] (expl root) edge[in=135, out=270] (\rootcommit);
\draw[expledge] (expl branch) edge[in=0, out=270] (master);
\draw[expledge] (expl remote) edge[in=0, out=270] (alice/master);
\draw[expledge] (expl merge) edge[in=0, out=270] (\mergecommit);
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