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add github actiopns graphic

Fixes: 21
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......@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ versionsgraphen=\
$(versionsgraphen) \
grafiken/github-workflow.pdf \
grafiken/github-actions.pdf \
[ rectangle
, rounded corners=2pt
, draw=nontext
, minimum width=2cm
, minimum height=0.75cm
, fill=lightgreen
, text=black!95
[ concept
, minimum width=0cm
, minimum height=0.5cm
, font=\small
, text=black!90
, fill=lightgreen!50!white
[ fill=lightred
\tikzstyle{rn}=u [ fill=lightyellow ]
\tikzstyle{sub rn}=[ fill=lightyellow!30 ]
\tikzstyle{ev}= [ fill=lightblue ]
\tikzstyle{sub ev}=[ fill=lightblue!30]
\tikzstyle{ac}= [ fill=lightorange ]
\tikzstyle{sub ac}=[ fill=lightorange!30]
[ every edge/.append style=%
{ ->
, >=stealth
, draw=nontext
, line width=0.4mm
[ node distance=0.75cm
\node[concept, wf, scale=1.6] (workflow) {Workflow};
\node[concept, ev, above=of workflow] (event) {Event};
\node[subconcept, sub ev, above left =of event] (push) {Push};
\node[subconcept, sub ev, above=of event] (pullrequest) {Pull Request};
\node[subconcept, sub ev, above right=of event] (ellipsis) {...};
\node[concept, wf, below=of workflow] (job) {Job};
\node[concept, wf, below=of job] (step) {Step};
\node[concept, wf, below=of step, xshift=-1.25cm] (script) {Script};
\node[concept, ac, below=of step, xshift= 1.25cm] (action) {Action};
\node[subconcept, sub ac, right=of action] (market) {Marketplace};
\node[concept, rn, right=of workflow] (runner) {Runner};
\node[concept, rn, above right=of runner, xshift=0.4cm] (self) {Self Hosted};
\node[concept, rn, below right=of runner, xshift=0.4cm] (github) {\faGithub\ GitHub};
\node[subconcept, sub rn, above right=of github] (linux) {\faLinux};
\node[subconcept, sub rn, right=of github] (mac) {\faApple};
\node[subconcept, sub rn, below right=of github] (windoof) {\faWindows};
\draw[flow] (pullrequest) edge[out=270,in=90] (event);
\draw[flow] (push) edge[out=290,in=135] (event);
\draw[flow] (ellipsis) edge[out=250,in=45] (event);
\draw[flow] (event) edge node[right] {triggers} (workflow);
\draw[flow] (workflow) edge[min distance=10mm, out=165, in=195] node[left] {triggers} (workflow);
\draw[flow] (workflow) edge node[right, near end] {*} (job);
\draw[flow] (job) edge node[right, near end] {*} (step);
\draw[flow] (step) edge[in=90,out=300] (action);
\draw[flow] (step) edge[in=90,out=240] (script);
\draw[flow] (action) edge[in=300, out=240] (script);
\draw[flow] (market) edge (action);
\draw[flow] (runner) edge (workflow);
\draw[flow] (github) edge[in=-10, out=180] (runner);
\draw[flow] (self) edge[in= 10, out=180] (runner);
\draw[flow] (market) edge[out=0, in=270] (github);
\draw[flow] (github) edge (linux);
\draw[flow] (github) edge (windoof);
\draw[flow] (github) edge (mac);
......@@ -488,7 +488,7 @@
\Huge\alert{GRAFIK: GitHub Actions Graph}
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