Commit 031e4851 authored by Lukas Nagel's avatar Lukas Nagel
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add cherry-pick concept

parent 2f1c6e49
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......@@ -365,10 +365,13 @@
[clockwise from=135+15]
child {
node [concept] {Erweitern}
[clockwise from=135+60]
[clockwise from=180+45]
child {
node [concept] {Ver-zweigen}
[clockwise from=135+60+45]
node [command] (cherry) {cherry -pick}
child {
node [concept] (branching) {Ver-zweigen}
[clockwise from=180+60]
child {
node [command] {checkout}
......@@ -429,6 +432,7 @@
(fork) edge (pullreq)
(profile) edge (access)
(modifyhist) edge (reset)
(cherry) edge (branching)
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