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Add meta mutator class

parent 7e766d97
import random
from abc import ABC, abstractmethod
from inspect import getmembers, isfunction
from ..utils import RandomCharacterGenerator
class Mutator(ABC):
"""Abstract class for mutators to inherit from."""
def __init__(
number_of_mutations_between: tuple[int, int] = None,
number_of_mutations: int = None,
) -> None:
"""Inits a mutator.
cls is the class of the inheriting object.
seed inits the random module.
number_of_mutations_between is a tuple that defines a range of how many mutations are executed
per round.
number_of_mutations defines the exact number of mutations per round.
number_of_mutations takes residence over number_of_mutations_between."""
self.subtractive_mutation_functions = []
self.neutral_mutation_functions = []
self.additive_mutation_functions = []
for name, func in getmembers(cls, isfunction):
if name.startswith("subtractive_"):
if name.startswith("additive_"):
if name.startswith("neutral_"):
self.rcg = RandomCharacterGenerator()
self.subtractive_function_pool = self.subtractive_mutation_functions
self.additive_function_pool = (
self.additive_mutation_functions + self.neutral_mutation_functions
self.complete_function_pool = (
+ self.neutral_mutation_functions
+ self.subtractive_mutation_functions
if number_of_mutations is not None:
self.number_of_mutations = lambda: number_of_mutations
elif number_of_mutations_between is not None:
self.number_of_mutations = lambda: random.randint(*number_of_mutations_between)
self.number_of_mutations = lambda: 1
def init(self, input_xml: bytearray):
"""Initialized this mutator. Called once."""
def mutate(self, max_size: int) -> bytearray:
"""Applies mutation functions and returns the result.
max_size is the length of the bytearray that is not exceeded."""
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