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cleanup rustls

parent 6c3f16a0
# syntax=docker/dockerfile:1
FROM tls-baseimage as tls-rustls
RUN apk add cargo
WORKDIR /build
#RUN git clone --depth=1 --branch=v/${VERSION}
#ADD tlsclient/ /build/rustls/rustls-mio/examples/
#ADD tlsserver/ /build/rustls/rustls-mio/examples/
#ADD Cargo.toml /build/rustls/alpaca/Cargo.toml
#ADD Cargo-rustls.toml /build/rustls/Cargo.toml
ADD server /build/server
ADD client /build/client
ADD Cargo.toml /build/Cargo.toml
RUN cargo build --release
#WORKDIR /build/rustls/rustls-mio
#RUN cargo build --release --example tlsclient --features "dangerous_configuration"
#RUN cargo build --release --example tlsserver --features "dangerous_configuration"
RUN ls -l /build/target
RUN ls -l /build/
RUN mv /build/target/release/server /server
RUN mv /build/target/release/client /client
COPY --from=tls-openssl /openssl-client /openssl-client
CMD ["/server"]
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